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Putting People First: First of all, the human factor most active and critical, but also through the work on always, its role is primary, decisive. Therefore, the dry work, from people to do things first grabbed the man as the source, as the fundamental; secondly, anything, any job has ins and outs of the points, so dry, doing things should sort things out, grab the source, stick to the fundamentals; Third, the people combined to achieve the best unity is the key to success of our cause. 

Renjinqicai: Each worker can give full play to his talent, is an inexhaustible driving force for business survival and development. To achieve this goal, from a subjective perspective, each employee must work hard, study hard and make progress; Objectively speaking, companies must establish dedicated foster innovative mechanisms for employees to build a better play to the effective way platform, both harmony and unity, is greatly inspired and tap potential employees.