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Functions of tire
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Tire is one of the thousands of components of a car. Generally, a component has one function. However, the following functions of tire are very different from that of the other ones.
Bear the load
The weight of the car itself plus that of its people or goods passes through the car body and finally presses on the tires.
Generate the driving force and braking force
Starting, driving, braking and stopping a car can only be realized through the tires because they’re the only part to contact with the ground.
Buffering and shock absorption
The shock absorption function due to the air in the tire and the flexibility of 50 percents rubber make the car steer on the road steadily and breezily, even though the road is rough, even though there are some obstacles on the road, like the macadam.
Change direction 
The driver can only change direction or turn around the car by the tires.
It’s owing to the four functions above of tire that the car can steer on the rough road safely, steadily, quickly and comfortably. Once we are in a car, our security is bounded with it. It’s no exaggeration to say that our security consists in the four tires, so every driver should pay great attention to them. 
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