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with tube/ without tube
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Structure with tube
As a whole, the structure with tube is almost the same with that without tube. The only difference is that the “tube” of TUBELESS is melted with the tire. But for the structure with tube, the tube is independent which makes the tire not combined closely with the bead wire. Once the tube is pierced and the air gets out, the cord on the sidewall will possibly be grinded at low speed and the tire become useless. What’s worse, when the speed is elevated, it often results in some terrible accidents like the rollovers.
Structure without tube
Some drivers dare not use TUBELESS because it doesn’t have the tube. However, TUBELESS turns out to be the ideal tire for high-speed driving. It melts the tube with the tire by a way more scientific and more advanced. It weighs lighter, uses less fuel and gives out less heat. At the same time, it takes less time to be repaired.
Model & Selective Purchase
Maintenance of tire
Check the tire pressure regularly
Tire pressure is an important factor of influencing the lifetime of tire. Inflate the tire under the marked tire pressure. According to the thermal expansion and contraction principle, in summer, lower a little bit the tire pressure while in winter, elevate it. 
Check the abrasion regularly
The inner part of tire is easy to wear. To check the abrasion of tire is mainly to examine if the depth of the pattern on two sides is equal.
Remove the foreign bodies timely
The foreign bodies stuck in the tire are probable to spatter when the car is in motion.
Change the tires regularly
Front wheels are steering wheels and they are vulnerable to abrasion. It’s better to change the four tires every 5000 kilometers. The best is to replace the diagonal ones.
Orientate the four tires regularly
This action makes sure the four wheels bear the same load so that excessive abrasion is avoided.
Repair the tire timely
Once the tire is punctured by a nail, whether to change it by the spare tire relies on the depth of penetration of the nail. It’s better to consult a professional tire repairman.
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